Turning 24 is no joke especially in a country where certain things are expected of you at a particular age. I am still learning the ropes and I certainly do not know it all, I want to share with you 24 things I learnt this past year.
  1. One Monday morning, my mom woke me up very early to get ready for school, I was really tired and cranky that morning, I cried from the moment she woke me up all the way to the bathroom, was still crying as she washed my elder sister's little body, I was frustrated,I wanted more sleep,I was tired of school, as I was still crying, my mom started washing my body, she paused, looked into my eyes,called my name and said "Say girl, it is only for a little while, please endure" I was livid, did this woman just say little while, I still had to finish Primary School, Secondary School, then the almighty University. Thinking about it made me cry more cause I pictured doing this for the next 10-15 years of my life. But, she was right, it was only for a little while now I am in another phase of my life. Whenever you are going through a difficult time, I want you to know that it is only for a little while.
  2.  You Can do anything you set your mind to do: You really can.
  3.  It will make sense eventually: While serving in Calabar last year, I was fortunate enough to work in a standard company and one of their rules was me resuming 8:00am and closing 5:00pm like every other staff, I took the offer cause I was desperate for a place of Primary Assignment but going everyday was not funny cause most corpers were going to their PPA at most 3 times in a week. It was as if I played myself, I was not even assigned to a fancy office, I was downstairs facing the customers, I was insulted and shouted at by angry customers while my mates were home sleeping, to cut the long story short, the experience I gathered working for the office helped me during my 2nd interview cause I was able to explain with experience the various methods to use when dealing with a customer, when I came out of that interview, I smiled cause my 8-5 that was like punishment in Calabar finally made sense. Therefore, keep grinding,it might not make sense now but it will eventually.
  4.  Be positive always: My first interview in Lagos almost turned me to a bundle of nerves but I gave myself a pep talk that worked like magic. I told myself "Sarah,there are only 2 possible outcome of this interview, you either get the job or you at least gain experience. It eased my mind cause it was a win-win situation in my head.
  5. Love your struggle/Journey: The other day I was eating street food and someone was making jest of me jokingly, he said "you,see the kind of food you are eating, you are still eating roadside food" I quickly covered my food, I was embarrassed. But, I got over it and told myself "Sarah, you are on a journey, enjoy every stage, enjoy every process, don't skip any stage so your story can be beautiful and colourful.
  6. Learn a skill: While some of us were spending our N19,800 in 2 weeks and harassing people for money, others with skills were saving theirs and rendering services to us.
  7. Be financially literate: Financial Literacy needs to be taught in schools right now, what do you know about stocks,what do you know about bonds, have you heard of Euro bond, Sukuk bond, please be interested, It is good for you.
  8. Pay your tithe: Just pay it.
  9. Self love is the best love: Nobody can love you like you.
  10. Learn how to say No: How many Aso-ebi's  have you paid for knowing you will never wear them again, how many times have you said yes knowing you want to say no, how many times have you paid a ridiculous price for something knowing you were forced to buy it or to participate in that event,learn to say no.
  11. Family is all you have.
  12. Save Money: For the rainy days, for emergency, for security.
  13. Patronize your peers : I am always happy to retweet business advert and Job search, cause we are all we have, if the government cannot do it for us, we would do it for ourselves.
  14. Let go of things that are making you unhappy: Don't lie to yourself. you are not happy with the situation, let go, it is going to be ok in the end. Just like my Mother said "It is only a matter of time"
  15. Learn how to read Books/Newspapers : Expand your vocabulary, expand your imagination, learn new things.
  16. Be a work in progress: We all know one or two bad habits hindering our progress in different aspect of our lives , try to work on them,get better, dont remain the same from previous year.
  17. Learn how to take criticism: This is very difficult, it is one of the hardest thing ever but remove all bias and hear the person out, take it like a champ and you are on your way to being a champ.
  18. Leave your phone alone: You need to live your life,stop seeking for validation from others online,always posting, always on one social media platform or the other, give it a rest.
  19. Be a good friend: Support your friends,listen to their ideas,go to their events,buy what they are selling when you can. Share their posts, celebrate in their victories and remind them of their importance after their failures. Push them, a little support can go a long way.
  20. Exercise your body and your mind: Take care of your body,eat right,exercise regularly.Your body will thank you.
  21. Work on your social skills: Social skills are very important,learn to eat with a fork and knife, learn how to hold a sensible conversation at a dinner table, learn how to dress for different occassion, it might sound bourgeois but it goes a long way.
  22. Don't envy another person's journey: I get it, society is not allowing us to make mistakes in our 20's anymore, we are suppose to get married by 25, have our kids at 26, have our cars by 27 and be sitting with Dangote by 28. But, slow and steady wins the race, Facebook and Instagram is not for you to go and stalk those you think are more successful than you in a materialistic way. Your journey is different, the route is different.
  23. Learn about the world around you: Have you heard about #brexit yet?what of the Royingha crisis, did you hear about the slave ring in Libya. You need to think of the world around you.
  24. Always remember your God, your principles and your morals.
Looking forward to a better 25, more growth in every aspect of my life.

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  1. Birthdays could be very depressing... especially when you're in your 20s....sigh. Looking forward to the best of my years so far, at 24.