Hey people, I have to start this post with an apology. I am sorry for taking a long ass break without reason. Therefore, I am here to give reasons why the break is needed. Yeah, 'is' not 'was' cause I am still on the break.

 Blog Niche : You know that saying 'Jack of all trade master of none' I want to have a particular topic I am good at. I started this blog not with the aim of making money but just to air my opinion, therefore I was not concern with having a structure but along the line I realize,structure is good,money is good, opinion is good and you can definitely make money from something you love doing. I still have my opinion and I will be a guest writing on different blogs to express myself.

Laptop and Camera: Since my first Laptop spoilt, I have been blogging with friend's laptop,work desktop and just anywhere I see a free laptop. I am not good with savings so I have not been able to cough out money to buy another one -why did I just say the another one in DJ Khaleed's voice- Thanks to a fixed saving plan I am on, I have started saving without withdrawing the money to do other things. I am almost at my Laptop goal. yaaaay

Scheduled Posting: Because I don't have a Laptop and because of my laziness, I have been posting anytime I feel like, sometimes I post daily, sometimes weekly, all that has to stop. I am going to be posting 4 times in a Month. It allows enough time to research the topic you want to blog about.

So people, these are the things I am working on, I promise to be back Next year better and stronger. I will miss you.

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