It is 2017, 8 out of 10 girls wears a wig. It is logical to learn how to make one instead of paying someone to make for you. When @wigsbysally announced her next wig class date, I was happy cause I have been wanting to learn how to make wigs.  If you want to go into the wig business or even if you just want to learn for yourself, you should contact her for her next class. Here are some pictures to give you a clear example of what I am talking about.

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                                                       Materials for the class

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We were taught how to attach a clamp to the table and how to adjust it for firmness

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You attach the dummy head to the clamp

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You wear a wig cap on the dummy head

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How to keep your thread tangle free

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Sally demonstrating how to sew in closure

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You use your clip to remove excess hair when you want to start a new section.

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I'm about to go in

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Bleaching the knot

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How to revamp old wigs/weaves

Here are the things I learnt. I am just going to list cause I expect you to pay for the class and learn.

1) How to make a braid wig

2) How to attach closure to the wig cap

3) How to revamp old wigs/weaves

4) How to bleach closure knot

5) How to make a round closure wig

The class was very interesting and interactive, shout out to Caballero small chops, for providing refreshments.  It was a success. To register for the next class, you can visit her page on Instagram @wigsbysally

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  1. This cut should be as close to the hairline as possible without cutting into the lace wig hair. wavy lace front wigs