I made braids all through last year and I blogged about it here . This year however, I was gifted a wig by @wigsbysally and I enjoyed using it so much, I have decided to learn how to make wigs and wear them all through the year. I am here to share with you what I learnt on my first day of wig school.

Needles and Thread: You need needle and thread to sew the weave on the wig cap when making your wig.

Closure: Sure, you can make your wigs without closure but if you want a natural looking wig, you would need closure for that ma'am.
Wig cap/Dummy head: The wig cap is needed to sew the weave on, this is one of the most important tools in making a wig,The dummy head is also needed in giving support when making the wig. The dummy head is going to be attached to the stand.

Wig stand : You definitely need a wig stand when making a wig. It helps with retaining the shape of the hair and makes the work easier generally.

Hair : Really, what are we taking about, you definitely need a hair to turn a wig. Any kind of hair you can afford can be turned into a wig but keep in mind that if you use cheap hear,you might not be able to use the wig for a long time.

Elastic band: For me, this is the most Important thing. To avoid stories that touch on how your wig fell off on bike or breeze blowing it off your head, you better secure your wig with a band.

Wig clips: It is needed for extra security

Scissors : Scissors for what,you may ask. For cutting excess weaves, for cutting thread and for trimming the wig for a proper finishing.

Pin : To make your wig stay in the proper place, you need to put pins in appropriate places to keep the hair in place till you are through sewing a particular area.

Rubber band: It is actually all the little things you think you do not need that you actually need the most. after setting the closure well, you need rubber band to pack it up so as not to be disturbed when making other areas.

Blow dryer: After making the wig, you need to blow dry the hair and straighten in some cases to achieve desired result.

Straightener: If the style desire straightening, you straighten it t get that bomb look.

Thanks to @wigsbysally for letting us see her at work. visit her Instagram page for pictures of lovely wigs.

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