Since I got a job in Lagos, waking up 5 AM has become a must for me, the earliest I can get home on a good day is 7 pm, so what does a girl like me that is trying my best to be fit do? you look for other options to keep fit. I turned to my know it all friend; google and after surfing, I came to the conclusion that detoxing through a particular day of the week by just drinking water was the solution.

The water fast has different benefit and people make it a routine for different reasons. Some for health, Some for religious purpose but I am doing it strictly to lose weight. So last week Wednesday, I started my water fast. I drank just water all through that day, I also learnt   that ginger and lemon can be added to the water, so I decided to change it to detox-water-fast Wednesday.

Today, I am at work with my water bottle with a mixture of ginger and lemon. So I would drink that all through the day, maybe next week Wednesday I would add cucumber, who knows.

Buy Lemon  ₦100
Buy Ginger  ₦100

Slice the Ginger and the Lemon and put it in a neat water bottle, you can also use warm water, drink it all through the day.

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