Looking around us today and with the news going round, I cannot count how many domestic violence cases I read about on a daily and it got me thinking about how our mothers suffered this same thing, how we are suffering this same thing and how our female children will suffer this same thing If we as mothers parent don't put a stop to it. How,you may ask? The answer is simple,by educating the male-child.

Right from birth,a lot of knowledge *if not too much* is passed on to the girl child on how to act BECAUSE SHE IS A GIRL and absolutely nothing is passed on the boy. You hear things like "sit well,you are a girl" "Is this how you will be burning food in your husband's house" "Reduce your voice,nobody likes a lady with a loud voice" "you are still sleeping by this time, If you are married with kids,wont you be cooking for your husband" "So this is the amount of salt you will put inside soup for your in law,they will just find another wife for your husband". I can go on but I believe you already get the gist and absolutely nothing is said to the boy in his formative years at all in some cases.

These boys grow up to be young men without any form of orientation unlike their female counterpart on how to act in a relationship therefore they form their own idea on how to treat a lady from their drinking buddies,older male cousins, friends,movies or wherever but the right source. The only pressure they face is providing for the family financially after that,they feel they have done their part. Then it is up to the ladies to do the rest.

Now,before you say God forbid to my saying that our female children will also experience the same. Ask yourself. Have you ever called your son to ask him how he treats his girlfriend /wife, have you sat him down the way you are always quick to sit your daughter down and let him know he is also an integral part of making the relationship work and not only there as ATM for the family, have you made him realise that hitting a lady is the lowest point a man can ever get to and it makes him weak,have you told him next time he wants to hit his wife,he should replace her face with your own and if he can hit his wife then he can hit his mother and someone will also hit his daughter, Have you told him all this. I am not talking about telling him a week to his traditional marriage. I am talking about bringing him up with these things and letting him grow up with it. If we continue to get one party prepared and the other party is lacking preparation, then there is bound to be problem till the end of time. That is why I am talking to this generation of parent,let us lay the blueprint for our kids,for our daughters, So they can smile without any pain in their eyes and tell us truly how much of a blessing their husbands are to them. So they can be genuinely happy in their marriage and not like us that are on Instagram living a fake life and pretending to be happy.

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  1. How did I miss tho!
    Very well said dear!

  2. Hit the nail on the head..nice

  3. More reason why feminism is relevant

  4. Wow. This is wonderful. Well said my friend.

  5. Nice one, truthful and very precise

  6. Trueeeeeeee,so true, well said, well written.

  7. I just wish that parents would try and raise good sons for they to raise good girls. This would go a long way to stop Gender Based Violence.

    1. Thank you Ada for your comment. But remember that it start with you and I. We need to talk to our brothers,cousins and friends.

  8. I have never thought about this from this angle, this is an eye opener. Good job