My first interview/Advice when going for an interview

Now,this is not the first job I am handling but this is the first interview I am going for. The other jobs I have worked on has been giving to me by friends. So I was glad when I got my first " congratulations,you have been short listed for an interview"
 Getting to the venue,there is this delusion first timers have when they are going for interview, you just have a way of picturing yourself as the only candidate only for you to get there and meet crowd. That is exactly what happened to me but I adjusted very quickly. Almost immediately I met my new friend and fellow blogger olaoluwa Elsie umukoro and we became inseparable almost forgetting we were there for an interview and gusting away. It actually helped relieving the tension I felt and it was very helpful networking.
The atmosphere was friendly enough,the staffs were friendly and when I was called in for my interview, I met two gorgeous ladies,they were friendly even though I was nervous at first,my voice was shaky but I got my bearing cause of their pleasant faces and the rest of the interview went well. I know one interview don't make me an expert on how to conduct yourself for an interview,but there is nothing bad in me sharing the little things I learnt on that day.

  • Be Optimistic: I am currently reading this book that talks about seeing the good in every situation and I am really enjoying practicing what I am learning. When I woke up that morning,I was feeling really scared and pessimistic but I told myself "Sarah,this is a win win situation. You going to get the job, if you don't get the job,you are going to finally know how it feels to go for your first interview. Boy,did that cheer me up.
  • Networking : Even though I did not think about this till later when I was reviewing how my day went. Networking is really important. For example,the interview was for creative writers and ALL of us in the room are creative writers. This is a great time to talk to each other and exchange contact cause no man is an island.The person might be of help to you later since you are in the same field. Think about that.
  • Be yourself : This point can never be overemphasized, you really need to be yourself during an interview. You really don't know the qualities the company is looking for in a person. It might just be your true character.
  • Don't forget to ask questions : If something is not clear to you, please do not hesitate to ask questions. 
  • Don't give up : We have all been there at a point in our lives where someone was picked over us. Sometimes,it does not mean we are not good enough,maybe we don't have the quality they are looking for. Sometimes,we need to brush up on our skills. whatever the reasons are, we don't need to give up. When you fall, stand up and try again.
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    1. SO TRUE..............N GOD DID IT.

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