MY 2017 PLAN

2016 has been Great no doubt and I thank God for his grace over my life. I am grateful for family, friends, new love and all. I have been self evaluating and realize that I have been slacking in several areas of my life. I need to exercise more, I need to eat more healthy, need to be patient with people and I really need  to be more approachable and likable (I need to control my resting bitch face) and because of this self evaluation I have written a list of things I need to conquer 2017 and I will like to share them with you.

Smoothie maker: One of my major 2017 goal is to get  a smoothie maker. I saw one cute one on Jumia for 6,000. Benefit of consuming HEALTHY smoothies include :Detox, improves digestion,strengthens immune system,energy, weight loss among

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Yoga mat: Actually,I need to buy a lot of fitness equipment but let me just start with yoga mat and keep downloading @kizzlefitness videos and start from somewhere. It is more about getting healthy than slimming down.

Less novel and more motivational books : naah, nothing wrong with fiction. I just need to update my real life practical reading. I need to buy the remaining 3 books to complete my chimamanda Adichie collection. (we should all be feminist,half of a yellow sun, the things around your neck). GOALzzzzzzzz. I will like to read more books on feminism, developing you character and getting things done.

Develop consistency and determination and cut back on procrastination: I am one of the biggest procastinator out there and it is very sad. I keep postponing things it is almost like a sickness. I have come to realise that procrastination is keeping me from achieving my goals and I am going to fight it off this year. I also need to be consistent with blogging.

Water: I really need to incorporate water drinking into my lifestyle cause I cannot lie, I have seen the first hand wonderful experience what drinking lot of water can do to your skin and overall health. When we were in NYSC camp most people were suffering from skin reaction and severe pimples due to the environment and stress,there was a lady there with baby smooth skin,I had to ask her what she was using and with a knowing smile she told me water, I drink lot of it. Less coke more water,more water,more water (maybe it will stick if I keep repeating it).Now that I am almost always without make up, I need to flaunt a baby butt smooth skin.

Wigs: 2016 was my year of Braiding and 2017 is going to be my year of wigging (is this even a word) and crocheting (I think this is a word). I am hoping @wigsbysally is going to be a dear and help me achieve this dream of wigging out the year. The one that has been on my mind constantly is this fro with bangs.

The perfect white tennis: I crave this so much. I want to pair it with a dress,a short. I already have the look in my head fam!

P.S : If you have any suggestion on the kind of book I should read, Please contact me in the comment section, Also if you have anything (an audio recording,book or a bible verse to help with the procastination) it will be appreciated.


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  1. I'm sure I procrastinate more than you do, that's y my life is a mess right now😢

    1. lol, Nimotallahi, it happens to the best of us, we just have to learn to fight it.