January of this year, I decided to try something new by making braids all through this year. I thought I would get tired along the way but I am happy to announce that I did it y'all. I made braids from January till December.

I made the first braid last year December in Benin and I carried it for about a month after which I left my natural hair to prosper and not rush into another one. Then the next one was in Feburary, where I wanted to try the braids bob but I did not really like what the stylist did but i carried it for a month plus then I carried my natural hair for about a week before making my grey Brazillian wool which I enjoyed so much cause I was in Benin and I blended then I travelled to Ibadan and was looking out of place with the grey hair, nobody told me before I removed it, I carried my hair for another week cause I was preparing for NYSC camp, then I made another long braids in April -while missing senegalese twist but knowing only experts will be able to twist natural hair without it looking rough and poking from the sides so I stick to braids. I carried that braids all through camp hassles and looking for PPA wahala till I travelled to PH in June, there I made the perfect BRAIDS BOB which I carried for 2 complete month and was about to carry for the third month till my friends threathen to stop walking with me If I don't get rid of the hair.'Then I caught the crochet bug and went to a nice salon in Calabar to make the hair around August ending. The hair was really lovely and really full and I rocked it for 2 month till I missed my hair and wanted to see my hurrrrr. I made my last hair for the year a day to my birthday in NOVEMBER and yep you guessed right. I will carry the braids till I say HAPPY NEW YEAR.

1) Did it cut my front hair. NOPE.
* I always made sure the front hair was cut in the right proportion,not to small.
* I avoided packing the hair in a tight ponytail.

2) Did you wash your hair those month you were carrying it for 2 month?
*Yeah, I wash my braids every two weeks.

3) Were you not Bored?
*No, I wasn't and I was even thankful, no more hair in food,water and everything.

Next year,I will be trying wigs and crochet!!!!!

I would love to hear from you peeps. Have a lovely weekend

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