Gifts To Buy For The Natural Girl In Your Life

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Are you dating a Natural girl ,bestfriends with one, family with one and you are clueless about what to gift her when it comes to the Natural hair she raves about every time. Don't worry, I gat you. Just look through the list and see which one you can afford for the special Natural lady in your life.

1) Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) : Every natural knows that this is the holy grail of all oils, it grows out the front,lashes, eyebrow and everything you need to grow. it also makes the hair thick. So we all know this oil can be kind of pricey BUT it is worth it price. PRICE: Between 4000-5000

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2) Pay for her silk press at TasalaHq: Silk Pressing my hair has always been on my mind but the fear of Nigerian stylist is the beginning of wisdom. Not until I read about silk press on the kink and I blog and I had my guinea pig!! The write up was well documented she even uploaded pictures that explained the process. PRICE: 12,000

3) Aztec hair mask This is also a treasure in the natural girls world, the clay can be used to remove impurities from hair and skin generally. It is also very scarce so I know giving someone this as a gift will bring smile to her face.
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4) Hair Accessories : If a Natural is to use heat on the hair, you use it in the right quantity and in a supervised environment with the right equipment. If a natural has a need to straighten her hair or blow dry her hair. it is advisable to use a product that can be regulated and most of the product that can straighten or blow dry your hair without damaging it are quite expensive. PRICE: Between 8000-12,000.
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5) A gift bag containing her favorite products: Even though castor oil is one of the most sort after oil in the natural girls world, that does not mean we don't appreciate other oils like Argan,coconut oil, any oil you can lay your hands on, you can also get her shampoos,conditioners,silk bonnet,hair rollers,hairspray bottles,applicator and anything natural girls love. PRICE: Varies,you can buy one or more of the listed things.

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you can buy a couple of essential oils

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I hope I can help put smile on someone's face and if the gif is not appreciate, JUST CONTACT ME. I sure will appreciate it.

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