The Pretty Girl Paradox

She's the prettiest of the bunch yet for some weird reason that she finds hard to understand, guys would rather speak with her less pretty friends than her. Was it daunting to speak with a beautiful lady? Once in a while, the odd, confident guy would come up straight to her, ignoring her friends and making her the centre of attraction - just like it should be. A couple of sentences, weeks or even months later they sort of lose interest and in some cases prefer the side attraction of her less attractive friends.
A discussion with any guy who has made the ‘less attractive lady’ option in this discourse will reveal either the shallow, no guy has time for a beautiful babe's wahala or the sentimentally deeper, I sought something beyond her outward beauty response. Both responses hold relative truth. While the scenario is not to be generalized as one that happens all the time, you get the feeling that the less pretty lady compensates the absence of the drop dead gorgeous outlook with an endearing persona - an attribute that draws a guy closer than the momentary 'wow' associated with beauty.
In order to be objective with this issue however, it must be said that many of the stunningly beautiful have found love early and ended up in good marriages while many of the less pretty have been overlooked a number of times for their prettier friends but that is actually more of an indication of the fellow doing the searching. A very close look at the real world from the University Campuses to the office environment shows that the lady with character in the long run trumps the drop dead gorgeous one even when both possess little attributes of the other in addendum.
Just like the admittedly harsh meme about pretty ladies still forming while their mates keep getting married every Saturday, it's not much of a wonder why that, sometimes is the case. The solution? An excellent fusion of both people as one, creates the desirable lady. What the more beautiful lacks in persona can be improved upon by inculcating attributes from her less pretty friend with more approaches and vice versa. Vice versa in the sense that, the endearing persona plus a poise associated with beauty - not necessarily becoming prettier, would make her more desirable. It may seem like a paradoxical situation at first, but nothing is really ever so difficult, all it takes is a little studying. 

Written by Temi Sodipo for 
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