Mufti: Immediately after collecting your posting letter, you are NOT to go home but to report straight to where you have been posted. we were released from camp on Friday *which was not a very good idea,cause most of us traveling far would not be able to make it before most closing time,so we would have to use our money to lodge or go to family house and endure too much rules* I made the mistake of holding just one mufti cause I was following what I read on most blogs and I was stuck with wearing my khaki for two whole weeks.

Antiseptic: Just hold any good antiseptic, you need to see people's reaction to the water at Obubra camp. It was bad.

Sauce: Seriously, Beyonce knows what she was saying when she said "I got hot sauce in my purse" cause I wish I did. If you are posted to south-south areas *for those of you who did not do geography in school, Bayelsa,Delta,Cross-Rivers,Rivers.....* If you are going to forget anything,let it not be your hot sauce. So I will advice you to run to your suya guy now and save your life by asking him to mix pepper for you. I had to rely on licking tom-tom after every meal in camp for fear of throwing up. They cook with tomato paste and onions.

Bring Your Equipment: Now ,you know all those camp parties y'all are looking forward to?  Yeah D.J's you will have to bring your laptop with your song mix for that, Guy's going for Mister Macho bring your baby oil -never mind, we would ask them for vegetable oil in the kitchen. Ladies going for Miss NYSC bring your own gown, Make up artiste you can bring some of your stuffs to make up the babes in your platoon. MC's presenting on stage,you also need to hold your mufti.

STATIONARY: You really need stapler fam, when we were doing bank registration,we needed to staple our passport somewhere on the paper, we all (over 500 people) had to walk back to maami just to staple before walking back to where he registration was taking place. you can also get pen, so you won't be stuck with the #pleaseiamafteryougang

 You definitely need more than a pair of white canvas and socks also, If you don't want to look like you from your primary school days when you use to play ball after school until one of your friend come to call you that you mom is waiting for you. I would advice you to buy at least one rubber shoe, they clean faster and they also dry faster.

I almost forgot, the best advice I can give you is this,when you have been posted at camp, if you know you cannot endure the family house and you are going to be lodging, lodge in group like 2 or 3 in a room cause I know you think getting accepted in your PPA is automatic, No it is not. I spent a week and a half looking for PPA, It is better splitting the hotel bill with people.

Remember that your meal ticket is important,do not misplace it even if you will not be going for the meal,cause we used our meal ticket to collect the first 1500 and 1000 Naira shared in camp.

Now you can run back to your lil blogs talking about bringing 50 passports and the rest. Safe journey to you fam.

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  1. nice write up. keep it up.

  2. Well done. Some of y'all will still not buy the necessaries.