NYSC Diaries:Day 1 (Documents You Really Need For Registration)

Pure water (not cold) is 20 per one in cross river camp *I don't know why I am telling you people*
I got to Cross River camp around 5:30pm on Wednesday and from that moment till now (20:05pm) I have not sat down.. As we were about to get to the camp,our vehicle was stopped by some military personnel and all otondos were asked to alight and put their loads on their head *this is the part where I was glad I came with my small box* and walk all the way down to the main gate where you are going to be searched.

To Enter The Main Gate
After presenting our Call up letter and our School I.D Card,we were asked to open our bags and contraband like iron,boiling ring extension,fork,ceramics,drugs were removed from various boxes. From there one lanky looking soldier was the one in charge and he proved it by asking people to put their loads on their heads again and frog jump before letting them go.

To Register In The Hostel
From here we were directed to some Military personnel in plain clothes  who lectured us on the importance of giving respect and saying yes Ma, from here we went to join a queue to register in the hostel. You will need your Call up Letter and School I.D Card, After checking it, every of your document at this point will be returned to you and you will be asked to write your Name,Call up number,University and phone number and you will be directed to a room. I was lucky enough to be posted with my final year bunky and at this point I called her and we linked up.

The Part Reality Set in (Maami Market Cut-Throat Prices)
You will not believe I forgot to do all my photocopies, so after dropping my load in my room,I went straight to Maami with Ella (My final year roomate) and Nkechi (we met on the bus from PH) to do my photocopies and get other necessities *this is the part where I regret coming with my small box*
We bought bucket for #450, photocopy was #20 each,Ella printed her call up letter for #400,we bought small cup for #150 and a bag of pure water is #250. I am even scared to ask for the price of bathroom slippers.
By 20:22, I had still not started my registration.

1st Step In Registration (collection of platoon & state code)
Shout out to the bald woman in the first registration point that is keeping everything organised. The line moved faster than your average Nigerian line cause she was strict with the shunting *entering line before your turn* If she catches you,you are out, no explanation. I have a problem with the blogs rotating the same old NYSC news, I checked a lot of blogs before coming and I saw come with your DOCUMENT, I kept asking what documents exactly and nobody could answer me. I would have loved for the blogs to highlight the document we need,do we need our JAMB,Do we need SSCE,do we need junior WAEC? What documents?!!!!

The Document you need in NYSC camp include

  • Call up letter
  • School I.D Card *very very important,if you have misplaced it,come with a form of identification like drivers license
  • Green card
  • Notification of result

Around 10:30pm,it finally got to our turn and the document they requested to see was My Notification of Result,Call up letter,Green Card and an Undertaken form (They will give you there) then you will go to the front of someone with a laptop,you will fingerprint and they will print a letter containing your platoon and your state code.

Foreign Student Listen Up
Unfortunately for my friend, she was asked to to bring her Original WAEC result and she did not come with it because she asked around and people told her it was not necessary.But the gentleman registering us explained that the basic requirements in most/all universities in Nigeria include pass in at least 5 subjects in WAEC but some foreign schools collect less,so they want to be sure. She would have to send for her result through bus and continue the next day.
Now it is 12:00 am and I am on my bed with a burning face *most of these girls bought their mosquito net today and it did not occur to them to spread it* confused about tomorrow because we are not through with our registration, should we wear out white or should we wear mufti *I will answer this tomorrow *
I dozed to the various voices in the hostel calling their loved ones and telling them about their hectic day.

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  1. Beautiful writeup. This would really be helpful to incoming Crossriver corpers

  2. So much relief. Thank you for this!

    1. You are welcome Mary but please make sure you check NYSC website for update cause I heard they change the procedure almost every year.