What to do after taking down braids

I normally leave my braids for at least a month before I even think of taking them down but I am in my third week and it looks rough and I have a wedding to attend but I try not to make it an habit of making another hair immediately after taking one down. (this is the point where wigs are useful for naturals). Your hair is suppose to get at least a week rest before you install another hair that is why I open my mouth in horror when I see people come to the salon, loose their hair, relax it and then make it immediately. It is wrong, please stop hurting your hair.
After taking down your braids, some tender loving should be giving to your hair *duh,you have not seen it in weeks*

Firstly the biggest mistake you can make is to pour water on your hair immediately after loosing  without detangling *I made that mistake last year and I paid dearly for it*. Water has a way of tangling the already tangled hair and before you know it you are chopping off a large chunk of your hair.

If I have a lot of time, I detangle it immediately after loosing each braid but If I don't have much time I loose everything then detangle. I start my hair care regime with washing my hair and I end it with hot oil treatment. I don't do all this in a day, I can stretch it out for a week or two *Get a wig to cover up if you are working*


PRE-POO : This depends on the duration and the state of my hair, The last braids I took down, my hair was so dry, I had to pre poo. I use any oil I have at hand for my pre poo, or a blend of different oil. Most times I pre-poo overnight.

At this point Co-washing is very far from my mind, I need my scalp cleansed so I use dudu osun, I need to see and feel my hair foaming. After washing, I add coconut/olive oil to my Vo5 conditioner to add extra sheen and to moisturize my hair and I am done. I wait for my hair to be damp not wet, I do my L.O.C and I am good to go.

I try to make sure I don't do too much on my hair in one day, since I allow my hair rest at least a week before installing another protective style,I try to stretch out my hair care routine instead of cramming it up in a day. After washinh my hair, I access my hair to know the condition of my hair, so I will know the proper treatment to give to it. Many people just go through with ALL the hair care routine known to naturals without first asking if their hair really need it. sometimes less is more.

When you are through accessing your hair then you carry out the necessary treatment like protein treatment,AVC Rinse,chelating hot oil treatment and what have we.

Finally, Make sure you deep condition your hair before you make your next protective style to strengthen your hair.

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