How To Retain Length In Type 4 Natural hair

One of my biggest problem (up till now) as a natural gurl is detangling and it has really affected my hair when it comes to length retention, that is why when people start complaining about their hair not growing, the actual problem is length retention, apart from people with medical conditions and extremely poor diet an average persons hair grows.

Type 4c hair should be the 8th wonders of the world cause I have not seen anything that tangles like it. There was a particular day I was frustrated with the hair and I sat down for like an hour and combed the heck out of the hair,my scalp was on fire (with half of my hair on the floor) and within 20 minutes we were back to the tangle nation.

This continued for a long time ,me growing my hair-me combing it all out on the floor. Then I came across an article where blogger Simone was disputing the fact locs grows faster than other natural style and she said : when you think about it, locs are like a permanent protective style. you never comb your hair at all so there is no pulling and tugging at your roots that can cause breakage. everyone’s hair grows, however growth is witnessed through retention. if you are not retaining your length then it would seem that your hair is not growing. it’s important to point out that most people don’t retain all of their six inches. in between twice a year trims and some natural breakage that will more than likely occur since your ends are the oldest parts of your hair, you can expect a one to two inch “loss” over a year if you are taking care of your hair properly. locs almost guarantee retention because again, you are not manipulating the hair unless you are having your locs tightened and or styling them everyday which is much different than daily styling of unloced natural hair.

And then an idea came to my mind. Whenever I take down my braids, I treat my hair for a week or two before I install the next one and this is where I lose hair by detangling everyday but after reading Simone's article I changed tactics. After taking down my braids, I immediately twist it and I carry out all the treatment with my hair in twist till I am ready for a new protective styling and to be honest,it has been one of the best decision I made as a natural, No more combing or detangling problem even when I unravel the twist to comb my hair out,the amount of hair I see on my comb/on the floor has reduced tremendously. I think you should try it out if you are also having length retention problem.

Will you try it anytime soon?

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