How To add Volume To Your Hair With Inverted Braids (Didi)

Inverted braids also known as Didi is one of the cheapest way to add volume to you hair if you have thin hair or you are suffering from hair loss due to some unhealthy hair style, you can add much more volume to your hair by making didi and carrying it for a week or two,trust me you will DEFINITELY see result in your hair.

  • Make sure you wash and treat your hair.
  • Oil and moisturize each section before you plait.
  • Plait all parts and carry for a week or two *do not forget to moisturize daily*
  • If you can't carry your plait due to work or any other reason, make sure you get wigs from @wigsbysally or any other good place and wear on it.
Try this style and let me know if it added volume to your hair

Picture gotten from @kehindeadeyemii instagram page

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