7 Important Advice For People Going Far For NYSC


Let me start by saying sorry for being off line for so long, but I have been dealing with a lot of things this week. I am happy to inform you peeps that I am off to Cross River for my NYSC. It was quite shocking when I saw Cross River but I give God all the glory. I am going to be offline for three weeks *I am leaving my laptop behind* cause I heard they steal like crazy in the camps, but I will be giving a daily update with my phone about the situation in camp.
My Advice to fellow Corpers going far Include:
  • Leave unnecessary things like bucket behind,you will buy when you get there.
  • DO NOT forget any of your document behind, check and recheck and recheck.
  • If you cannot afford to fly to your destination, break the journey into two days.Do not risk your life in night journey for Nigeria. who den epp
  • Try and check the internet about where you are going so you will have an idea about what the place is like.
  • You are going far away from home,try to get a small Nokia phone to keep your loved ones updated at all times cause blackberry and Iphone battery no epp anybody o.
  • Leave your Tribalism at home: This one is for all corpers, not just corpers going far from home. You will meet different people from different tribes, try your best to be friendly and stop all the Yoruba vs Igbo fight,all the "All Yoruba people are dirty" and "Igbo people are disrespectful,they don't know how to talk". Please try to adapt.
  • If you are bad at packing *all of you that cannot pack without forgetting something*, Make a list,empty your box then put the things on the list one by one then tick them off the list. It helps!!!
I wish us all safe journey on air,on the sea and on the land.God be with us as we go collect our 19800 serve our Fathers land. If you are in Cross river let us meet in the comment section. 

If I receive one more BC about Things to take to camp, I will scream.

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