What is in Your spray bottle

 As a natural girl you need your spray bottle like you need air (yes,it is that serious). Now do not let anyone restrict you on what can be in the bottle but whatever you are going to add to it make sure water is the first thing in the bottle. There is no standard measurement for the content,just make sure the volume of water is the most, then you can add a teaspoon of the rest things. Suggestions on what else can be in the bottle include:

GlycerineGlycerine is a humectant, which means that it is a substance that is used to keep things, like our hair, moist. It draws in, or attracts and retains moisture from the air.

OILS : This is where it gets Interesting, you can use any oil available to you. sometimes I use just one oil, some other time I mix different oils.

Leave-in-conditioner: People experiencing dried hair can add this to their mixture and it will soften the hair immediately.

NOTE: Some people add all this together while others don't. sometimes I use just water and oil, I have used water,oil and conditioner then I have used water,glycerine and oil. I have not used the four together. I WILL TRY IT IN MY NEXT SPRAY BOTTLE. You can also buy various sizes of the bottles for your different purses and bags,so it can fit in.

So tell me, What is in your spray bottle and if you do not have a spray bottle,why not?

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