"It's over, that chapter is closed, see you in the next life, and if not good riddance".....petty little lies we tell ourselves, over and over again, until that person shows up from nowhere, hit your phone up with a smiley or that voice you were very much attached to and thought you were done with and then your heart melts all over again and the first thing that comes into your mind is......"oh no, not again"
  We all tend to tell ourselves over and over again that we are over a certain person or that we've finally managed to close that chapter...we jam to Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj and sing along like our lives depends on it...(*coughs* well...I did)
 You'll live happily for awhile and then that phone call, text message or visit from the one you thought you were done with brings all this warm mushy feelings over you, crumbling the wall you'd put between the person and you.
 Your friends take one look at you, roll their eyes and whisper to themselves, "here we go, back at it again with those damn feelings".

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  1. Itz all just twisted and complicated at times...

  2. Am sure dis is not actually comin from u @ u forgotten u slept wit someone boyfriend and u even gave the girlfriend attitude after all......U beta don't go near relationship advices.......ozuo.....anuofia

    1. Lol, please take another look at the author's name, Drink lot of milk, you will be fine.