My Brazilian Wool Experience

300 Naira for one

18 stands each was counted to get the thickness of my hair

I started seeing ladies on this full kinky looking twist, I remember asking a lady if it was kinky she used and she was like "I used Brazilian wool" which one is Brazilian wool again,I said to myself, I thought she made a mistake but the more I keep asking people,the more I keep hearing Brazilian wool. Then my friend also used it to make her twist here 
I decided to go to the market to look for the product ladies are raving about, I asked my friend how much she got hers and she said 250 per wool. Since I did not know where to get it from,I went with my cousin's girlfriend. When we got to her customer's shop, the lady said the price has gone up to 350, we had to beg for 300, I bought 8 pieces for 2400. I then thought of making it right there in the market since some of this market braiders are said to be really good.
The lady directed us to another woman in the market who said she will collect 2500 for the hair. I only managed to beat it to 500. From the way people were trooping in,I knew she good.Let me show you the finished product.

Total Amount :4400 (2400 for the wool and 2000 for workmanship.

Next time, I will use black,The black of the Brazilian wool looks exactly like kinky hair. Oh, and it is totally reuseable!!!


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  1. Oh really nice, I really love the black also,it lasts longer

  2. I prefer the black also it stays better well depends on who fixes doe

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