Keke Palmer Rocks Crochet Twist In New Photoshoot

Keke has been on this juicy looking twist for quite some time now and she has been looking hella cool,she decided to take it further by doing a photoshoot. On her official website, she wrote "this past week I did a photoshoot with a young man named Sheridan. I met Sheridan off of Instagram. I ran across his page and I loved the social content he had up. I thought it’d be cool to do a shoot with him and create some visuals for the Kidz, with some Kidz. #yafeelme #itsafamilything

Hair by Keke Palmer
Makeup by Keke Palmer
Styling by Gigi Fernandez

Pictures gotten from

She looks good!!!!

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  1. Keke has really grown over the years and I love the confidence she exudes.. She looks amazing

  2. Thanks for commenting franca,I also feel the same way.

  3. Nice twist, am so rocking this twist next.