how to use coconut oil without breaking out


So, I made a post here about using coconut oil and breaking out and I promised to make a post about using coconut oil and not breaking out.

Mix the coconut oil with other oils: If you are like me that breaks out whenever you use coconut oil, you can try mixing it with another oil. I mix mine with olive and make sure the olive is slightly more than the coconut oil.

keep coconut oil away from your edges: Sometimes, I still feel like using pure coconut oil on my hair, whenever I am in this mood, I just make sure I keep the oil away from my edges, I start moisturizing the braids from the second line and I stay away from oiling the front of my hair.

Wash your face immediately after oiling your hair: Whenever I finish oiling my hair, I don't take chances with guessing if the oil touched my face or not, I make sure I wash the whole of my face.

Since I started doing this three things, I stopped breaking out whenever I use coconut oil. As simple as ABC!!!!

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