Are Nigerians Going Dutch?

        As you all know, I do not hide the fact that I read other blogs, I read an article on Bella Naija, written by a young lady that just went to school abroad about how Nigerians abroad are now going dutch. Let me quickly define the term going dutch : Going Dutch is a term that indicates that each person participating in a group activity pays for themselves, rather than any person paying for anyone else, particularly in a restaurant bill. 
        Let me just summarize the long story : She was on her own, when the lady called to invite her to her birthday party, she had no say in the choice of venue, only for bill to appear and everybody turned to mathematicians and started calculating their individual meal and bringing out cash and credit card to pay, she was mortified, Thank God for online banking, that was the saving grace of the day. My understanding of INVITING someone to celebrate with you as a Nigerian is for you to take care of the bills except the person insist on at least paying for something, *Inserts clap smiley* It is not by force to throw a restaurant theme party, cook Jollof rice with plenty plantain and stay at home rather than go Dutch in Nigeria!!!
       When I was through reading the article I went to the comment section to read more Nigerians in Diaspora complain about the same thing, even someone else talked about splitting bill equally  *nobody should even try this one with me* where Sarah's bill is 2000, Sade's bill is 3000 and Debola's bill is ₦7000, we would then sum up the total and pay equal amount, that means Sarah is paying ₦4000!!
        I remember laughing to myself and saying "Nigerians don dey do pass themselves for jand" only for me to read someone's comment that it happened to him in Nigeria.The smile just left my face, must we copy everything they do abroad? I heard myself saying out loud, I can imagine someone inviting me for their Birthday or any other celebration that involves eating and you are asking me to pay *spits on the floor like my fore-fathers* . It is not our culture, Please leave it abroad.
Dear Nigerians ,I think it is high time we start asking who is paying when invited out so they *in DJ Khaled's voice* know it is real.

Picture gotten from the internet.

Do you think "Going Dutch" should be a trend in Nigeria?

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  1. lol...this actually happened to me at a friend's party, been there.. done that, but na wetin I chop na hin I pay for, but really though if you can't afford to throw yourself a party then stay home and watch movies with your friends, back to my story, we had all been warned to bring our wallet and the rules were laid out which I thought was ridiculous at first, anyway once is enough to go dutch for me abeg, invite me to your party if the food is free biko :)