Amazing Pictures Of Natural Hair Shrinkage

Shrinkage is an indication that your curls are healthy.All natural hair experience shrinkage but the degree of shrinkage varies from each curl pattern with 4c experiencing the most shrinkage. The best part about shrinkage is when someone walks up to me and says something along the line of "I don't think your hair is growing". I just smile and stretch my hair out and see their face shine with admiration mix with envy *Gosh,I am really dramatic* .There is actually no way to prevent shrinkage, but it 

Beef apart, This is the Nicki Minaj smile.

@tiajonay is ddefinately #hairgoal. wow her shrinkage is so real.

I can only imagine how thick this sistur's hair is!!!

Pretty girl with massive shrinkage

Even Omoni is not left out in the shrinkage game.

Big hair,Big shrinkage!!!!

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