5 Things EvERY new Natural Should Own

You have seen pictures of beautiful, thick Afros and you are also thinking of going natural, great choice!!! but you have to be ready to deal with everything that comes with natural hair, It is an individual journey that differs with each person but here are some basic products that will help make the journey easier.

1) Wide Mouth Comb : That blue tail comb we all know and love is a no no for Natural hair cause it causes breakage, Wide mouth  combs are considered large rakes due to the generous spacing between the teeth and overall size  and diameter of each individual tooth.  The combination of these attributes helps to comb and detangle wet or dry hair while preventing hair breakage.  

2) Oils: Different oils have different perks, so target them to your needs. “If you have very dry, damaged hair, you want something heavier, like a coconut oil, since dry hair is super absorbent, even add straight coconut oil to conditioner. Jojoba oil is an amazing lubricant for the hair. Argan oil has the great benefits of leaving the hair soft, silky and smooth—that oil will reflect the light, making your hair look super shiny. Do not be limited in your choices, I get it coconut oil is the darling of all Naturals but there are other oils out there, carrot oil,argan oil, palm kernel oil,rosemary oil,avocado oil,jojoba oil and others.


3) Silk scarf/Bonnet/Pillowcase: You definitely need one of these to protect your hair. Since I am the chairman of the broke and lazy Naturals,oh and I also hate scarfs, I just made a silk pillowcase. whatever you do make sure your head is not directly touching cotton material overnight because our hair breaks off when it comes in contact with cotton. The friction from its contact dries out our hair, which eventually leads to its breakage. Save yourself the pain of losing your hair and gear up at night.

4) Applicator Bottle: read here

5) Butter: Just like we have numerous oils, so also we have numerous butters and they are all good for hair moisturizers. Personally, I use shea butter but my favorite Natural hair blogger *Naturalme4c* uses Avocado butter and her hair is doing just fine.

After owning these products then you might start thinking of buying other products, but these are the basics, theses are the ones you get first.Then you can splurge on the rest.

Did I leave anyone out?

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