We hear this every day, Oh that shoe is affordable, I like that boutique, they sell affordable things. I usually use this word “affordable” back when I was a student, back when I had no care in the world but to collect my pocket money from daddy, my uncle, my sister and any family member that fall into the trap of calling me and asking after my wellbeing.  I was not even sympathetic whenever I call my mom to report that my dad has not paid in my pocket money and she tells me things are a little hard at home, all I wanted was just money so I could buy the “affordable things”. Now I am working and the word affordable is beginning to get blurry in my dictionary. Who came up with the word affordable? At what price does the word affordable start from? 1000 naira? Do the different classes (upper class, middle class, lower class) have the same standard for affordable? Or different classes, different price for the word available? The other day, 4 of my colleagues and I were browsing through an online store *Ali express is bae* and we were oohing and haaing over the prices of some things and one of us said "wow,these things are affordable" and 3 of us started nodding in agreement, I noticed the fourth lady was not nodding and started to look uncomfortable, then I decided to put myself in her shoes. What if it is not affordable for her and we have concluded and stamped the word Affordable, she will start feeling she is the one with the problem of not being able to afford it since every other person seem to think that particular item is.

I feel, the word affordable has to change to Affordable for me and not just generalize because na person wey dey wear shoe know where e dey pinch.

What do you think?

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  1. yes o my person wey dey wear shoe know where hin dey pinch