Relaxed Healthy Hair

I notice something about we naturals, we feel we are the only ones that know the secret to hair growth. Every other person is doing it wrong to us. I remember when I just started my Natural hair journey, I was always shaking my head whenever I see relaxers and texturizers , I was angry, can’t they see what they are doing to their hair, everybody is going naturals and these ones still want to be relaxed. Are they not seeing before and after pictures of natural girls, why don’t they want to join the fro movement? Why are they using the small blue comb?
But I think, we all need to calm down and accept the fact that not every girl will go natural, some people don’t have the time others just can’t deal with it and no the secret to hair growth is not with we naturals. I have seen relaxed people take care of their hair better than natural girls (I was a very lazy natural the first year, I did nothing) and we natural girls need to come down back to earth and just go for the ultimate goal, HEALTHY HAIR and we should be able to appreciate healthy hair when we see it, whether relaxed or natural.

In appreciation of good hair, I saw this beauty in church on Saturday, she was in 2 strand twist but I was not with my phone, luckily I saw her the next day she had loosen the twist and her hair was the centre of attraction, I walked up to her *anything for you my readers* and told her I wanted to take pictures of her hair, she was gracious about it, excuse herself from the people touching her hair and followed me to a nice spot to take this pictures. Her name is Evelyn and her hair is not Natural but it is healthy. 

I forgot to ask her about her hair regime, Hopefully I will see her again and update this post.

Do you think Relaxed girls can also grow their hair?

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