Naturalistas Rock: Herieth Paul is the Newest Face of Maybelline

Lipstick: What about your hair—is this short look your signature?
HP: Whenever I go on vacation I like to change up my hair—I'll braid it or get dreads—but my favorite is just keeping it short and curly. I have this olive oil gel—it's called EcoStyler Gel (yasss lord) . I buy it at the drugstore, and it's the best thing ever. I use a little bit of it after I wash my hair in the morning. I just rub it in, and that's it!
Lipstick: You're passionate about education and you'd like to build a school someday—can you tell us about that? 
HP: When I grew up in Tanzania, I went to school with kids who were blind and deaf, and we were all in one class. There wasn't a different class or teacher for them, so they didn't learn anything. I'm hoping to organize a school to train teachers to help children with disabilities. It's my future goal. I want to move back to Tanzania and do that eventually.
Lipstick: What about your philanthropic work now?
HP: My mom has had an orphanage since I was born. All the girls she helped have graduated My mom has had an orphanage in Tanzania since I was born. All the girls she helped have graduated high school and now they’re going to college. My mom and I have organized to take a percentage of my income to send them to school. We’re paying for university, bus fare, books…everything they need, we’re taking care of it. It’s such a small contribution and it makes a big difference in their life.
She is pretty and is a philanthropist.
Lesson learnt : Never Forget your beginning

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