Much Ado About Nothing


     I came across Americanah by Chimamanda on a night I was in one of my crazy girl mood *you don't want to know the story* but I was so livid I could not even sleep so I picked up the book and started reading. I don't know why I felt  a connection with the main character *since I have not even been to ghana* and  my imaginative mind started replacing her face with chimamanda's, when I got to the part where Ifemalu struggled with adopting an accent to sound Americanised and when she finally gained confidence and decided to speak with her Nigerian accent, I was proud and I made a solemn resolve never ever to be intimidated by ANY accent or anybody. I always smile *the my people perish for lack of knowledge smile* when I hear people speak with their various real and fake accent and just pass. 
                    Then one day, I was in my uncle's office when one customer came in, he looked exotic and when he opened his mouth to speak, I knew he did not grow up in this part of the world, I was barely hearing what he was saying cause I was lost imagining his carefree life, with his red dashiki, plenty tattoos and his tiny dreads he just locked in the salon 2 days ago *yes,I asked him*  I did not even know when my subconscious decided to impress him, when it was my turn to speak, I just heard someone mixing british and American english, I was about laughing hard and shaking my head as usual until I realised the sound was coming from my throat.
                      I was shocked and disappointed ,I thought I had prepared for this day, the day where I was going to have a conversation with someone with a foreign accent and stand my ground and speak with my Nigerian accent that is ranked 5th sexiest in the world and be proud like Ifemalu or chimamanda but like many of my Nigerian counterpart I failed. But, like my mother will always say, when you fall you rise again. I said 'excuse me,cleared my throat' and started the conversation all over in my rich Nigerian accent and you know what, he smiled like he knew my struggle, we had a beautiful conversation,he bought what he came to buy *No, people,this is not the point where he becomes my boyfriend and we live happily ever after* and he left.

I learnt two things that day, If your excuse is "The person cannot hear me clearly with my accent" look for another excuse cause they hear you just fine.

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