Mistakes I Made When I went Natural

I still can't remember how I saw my first Natural hair picture but I remember that there was no turning back since I saw those pictures, I wanted that thick spongy hair that is so versatile you can do anything with it literally. So I decided to cut my hair.

This was one of the pictures I saw

The first mistake I made was cutting my hair, *don't panic* it was after I cut my hair I started seeing Nice haircut I could have experimented with, I could have dyed my hair any weird colour, tapered cut, I would have love to go wild with the hair for about six month before I finally settle down to having a nice healthy hair.

I would have at least had a little fun with my hair before I cut it

The second mistake I made was going to an expensive salon to cut my hair. It was nothing special and I paid 2500 naira to cut my freaking hair * I wish to still have pictures to show you guys, except you are going fancy with the hair, It is something anybody can cut for you.

I cut my bestfriend hair

Let us be real, TO ME there is no styling of hair for low cut *yeah I Said it,cause whenever I googled
 "how to style TWA" it was medium length hair that I was seeing all over the net. So the best you can do is get your make up right or if you you not comfortable with your hair that low get a wig.

I was on this type of low cut and when I googled "how to style short natural hair

It is always something of this length I see

I wasn't fully informed about natural hair terms before I Cut my hair so I was lost at first, I did not know what a pre-poo was *i just saw pictures o some glorious Curls and I decided to cut mine*. Being ill -informed is actually not advisable,you need to know what you are going into, So I will advice you research this topic well, well, before you cut your hair. DON'T  BE LIKE SARAH.

The natural product has to be expensive trap. No *tearing out my eyes* some people even use only water to wash their hair, others  just the basics like water,oil and butters and their hair you ask,doing fine thanks for asking. If you have money, good for you,If you don't, you can still be natural,this blog will be a guide to you.

The bloggers and youtube video girls are God and every word that falls from their mouth is prophecy. WRONG, they are human and they are doing what works for them. But what works for them may not work for you. Should we listen to them and watch their videos, Yes,must we copy them product for product? not really,If the price is out of your range or you use the product before and it did not work for you find an alternative.

I was not dedicated to the care of my hair at a point when my hair was too difficult to handle, I will  leave it for days without brushing it, I slept without covering my hair,it was always tangled when I woke up, I just didn't care but I am a changed person now.

What mistakes did you make when you first went natural?

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