Hi everyone, my name is Sarah and I am new to the blogosphere, first of all I am a christian and I am a graduate of Federal University of Abeokuta. I shaved my hair off in November 2014 after seeing pictures of girls on their natural hair (yes that was the only reason, AT FIRST), the pictures were beautiful,empowering and just glorious. After cutting it, I was just waiting for it to grow wild like the pictures I was seeing (have you seen some of these girls before and after pictures) but NOPE,that has not  happened and along the way I started meeting other Naturals and the one thing they all seem to have in common is NATURAL HAIR IS TOO EXPENSIVE TO MAINTAIN. I started panicking since I was a student and I don't see myself spending too much on product, I started learning  *When you have no choice, you learn fast* about some cheap alternative that are also Good, also learning a lot of things about natural hair so this blog is mainly going to be about Natural hair most especially the cheap natural products that also work great and about life in general.

P.S: Please you all are my co-bloggers, cause it will amaze you the amount of things I do not know. I will like for you to answer me with all sincerity when I ask a question because I still don't know the difference between deep conditioning and protein treatment.

Bear with my quality of my pictures ,I am going to be using a phone till I can afford a camera. Cheers

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