In The Land Of Cheap leave In Conditioner

        I know sometimes some naturals makes it feel like if you use any product people with relaxed hair are using,you are doing it wrong but most natural leave in conditioner are expensive for reasons best known to them. So what are we poor naturals to do,leave our hair unconditioned? God forbid.
       I was experiencing dry hair one time and I entered Casabella store in Cocoa Mall,Ibadan to get a leave in conditioner to soften my hair, I sashayed in there like the lady of the manor, only for me to be seeing prices that is way way above my budget, I still don't know how the pretty attendant let me stay there for over half an hour, I just kept staring at the prices, I even saw one Jane Carter solution for seven thousand Naira, it made me weak.
         After I regained my strength back, I bought ecostyler gel *I had to buy something* and I left, I just entered a regular store and I got the Dark and Lovely leave in conditioner for one thousand and fifty Naira, a very long bottle and I did not regret buying it,It left my hair soft all through the day and very easy to manage, when it finished I went searching for another bottle of the same product.
        After walking up and down the aisle searching for the product,I walked up to an attendant and asked her to show me the conditioners available,she was like "The only one we have right now,I don't think........, I was only waiting for her to finish the statement, she did not. I was already boiling from her insinuating that I could not afford the conditioner she was about to show me.
        We started walking to the aisle the conditioner is and I was praying silently for the conditioner not to be the seven thousand naira Jane Carter. Only for us to get there and she brought out Natures Gentle Touch , I checked the price it was one thousand five hundred,I wanted to knock her throat,so this is the conditioner that is too expensive baa? So,I bought it even though I knew it was smaller and more expensive than my Dark and lovely. I just bought it to prove a point *come to think of it,maybe that is her selling strategy*

I still prefer the dark and lovely to Natures Gentle Touch because my hair gets hard hours after using NGT but with dark and lovely,it stays soft all day. I am definitely going to buy another bottle.

What other cheap leave in conditioner do you use?

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