How To Wash Your braids

Since I went natural, The longest I can go without washing my hair is 2 weeks MAX. This is the reason why I only braid my hair, It is like my hair has a mind on it own, once the braids is two weeks old,I start itching like crazy and the itch won't stop till I wash my braids. The things I use in washing my braids are water,dryer,oils,shea butter.

How I Wash My Hair
1) I stand under the shower with water running down the entire length of my braids *this is not a must,if you can maneuver your way into washing only the scalp*
2) When my hair is soaking wet, I lather on conditioner and massage my scalp *the focus should be on the scalp* but you should still wash the entire length of the braids
3) When my hair is clean,I squeeze my hair ,wrap it in a towel and let it dry small.
4) Then I add my oil mixture (amla oil,coconut oil and palm kernel), shea butter and leave-in conditioner to my damp hair.
5)  I use my dryer to dry my hair concentrating of the braids NOT THE SCALP to prevent heat damage.
6) When all is done,I sleep with a smile on my face knowing I will stunt on em with my freshly washed hair.

Do you wash your hair in braids ?

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