Hair Mayo Vs Cholesterol Tea Tree Oil

I went to a supermarket in Benin to buy hair products and I saw this two,I used about 20 minutes to decide before picking the hair mayonnaise for 850 naira and I keep having the feeling that I am missing out on something by not picking the cholesterol tea tree oil. I seriously need help knowing the different function of these two. Is one a protein Treatment and the other a deep conditioner?

Seriously, who can help clarify their functions?

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  1. I only recently discovered myself that the cholesterol tea tree is a regular rinse out conditioner and doubles as a leave in. The hair mayonnaise is the protein deep conditioner. I've made the mistake of choosing the latter once as a result of the similarities in their packaging.

  2. Happy new year to you Dammy and thank you for taking time out to read and drop a comment and I have learnt something new from you. I hope you will have time to drop more comment on the posts. Have a lovely day.