For The Love Of Vo5

My best friend gave me my first Vo5 on my birthday and since then I fell in love with this fruity smelling Shampoo and conditioner, then I read about the harmful effect of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate *read online*  and I stopped EXCESSIVE use of shampoo but continue with the conditioners and it has been a love story ever since. I have started this creepy thing of buying Vo5 even if I don't need it whenever I enter a supermarket *help me*  
  Generally I feel any of the product works well but their moisture milk range leaves the hair super soft.
I got these two in Phil Hallmark *a supermarket in Benin city* for 850 naira each, I wanted to cry cause the normal price is 450-500 Naira, I got this after watching NATURAL ME 4C video on the conditioners she uses, I am still short on one *Moisture Milk strawberry* though but I will get it soon

My babies

I bought one for the price of two in this benin city, Una do well o

Natural Me 4C *I really need to know her name* she uses this Clarifying Conditioner as a shampoo to wash her hair first before she adds the Moisturising  Conditioner to her hair

I bought this in Coka Pharmacy for 650

This one foams like anything, I got it 500 Naira in Ibadan

I don't even remember where I got these but I got it for 600 Naira

I like this product cause it is cheap and it get the job done.

What other cheap product that get the work done do you know?

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