Chauvinistic Things Men Say

Ladies,we are in the twenty first century (when are we going to enter the twenty second century sef) and I think we should stick together and start helping ourselves spot chauvinistic guys.
Truth be told, there are some things that will come out of a guy's mouth that will just let all the feelings and emotions that I have for the guy disappear and I won't be able to recover from it to like the person back.

My feelings goes bye bye

I am not saying guys should not teach their sisters,wives,girlfriends or daughters *I still don't know why they teach only the female*  the importance of not sleeping around .I am just saying, look for better examples because you have exhausted the ones you use and they are beginning to make you sound like a chauvinistic person even though you claim not to be.
        So, here are some examples of some of the sexiest things I have either heard or read

1) Why would I buy the car, If I can test drive it.
Really I am now a car, what model, what year? oh and if you test drive the car, won't you still return it to the showroom, do you test drive the car home and it automatically become your?

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2) A woman's degree ends in the kitchen: Ladies are you for real ,what are you still doing with a guy that talks and thinks like this, I don't even have anything to say, this is the worst thing that can ever come out of the mouth of a guy. I remember General Aladeen in the dictator said something along this line when he said " I love when women go to school. it's like seeing a monkey on rollerskates,it means nothing to them,but it's so adorable for us. Really guys.

Adonbilivit, some guys are still this stupid.

3) It is one thing to advice ladies not to sleep around,it is another thing to think and say Guys can sleep around because a master key can open all padlocks while a padlock any key can open is bad.

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4) As a good girl you should not have more than 3 exes before you marry: Ose, lawmaker, Oya open the Bible,Quran,Constitution book and show me the page it was written and while we are on the matter can you tell me how many a guy can sleep with before he marries?

5) I will not buy the cow when I can have the milk for free.
I get it, I also produce milk when I am nursing a baby but trust me, that is where the similarities end between myself and a cow.

Are these the men left on the planet

Pictures gotten from the internet, write up inspired by a post on bella Naija.

Ladies,Did I leave anyone out?

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  1. Lol. The bodycount must not be much o

  2. lol....the "oshe lawmaker" part got me rolling. ....but seriously tho, it's like there is a secret organisation mainly for guys because what else is there to explain their "rules"...another would tell you "it's okay for a guy to cheat in a relationship as his mates consider him smart, but when a girl cheats...hmmm wahala dey!!!"

  3. Thanks zee,this is the same way I feel everytime conversation about cheating comes up