Bubu Ogusi : Power of a picture

My normal routine if I am due for next braid installation *lol,who talks like this* is to go online and hoo and haa over beautiful girls in their different made up faces and strategic poses,download over 10 pictures then worry myself before I finally pick 3 until either the hairdresser pick 1 for me or I pick by myself. The other day I was on instagram minding my own business ( hunting my next braid) when I saw this lovely wool on bubuogusi’s page. I knew I had to make it. I munched it and I went to show it to kate,the hairdresser at the junction of my street,when she was through giving me 99 reason why I should not make it,all my moral died,she was like “person wey even make this type gahz loose am like 3 days after because e too heavy for am to carry. Inside this heat,you no o fit pack am. At the end of the day,I just walked away from her front and I have been telling myself to forget it. But I just cant (I kiyaaant) .There is something about the hair or maybe about the picture that is drawing me to it.I have to make this hair before I can rest,I don’t know if it is the next braids I am doing but it is definitely in my mind to do.Now I am just so scared to make it since she made it seems I will go bald because of the fullness of the hair. Therefore I ask myself this question. Bubu Ogusi that carried the hairstyle does she have two head? But again I answered myself,you know all hands are not equal, which is true,the same way I CANT’T do Ghana weaving of any kind,some people are doing  Ghana weaving on a steady with a good front hair. So my people,I will like to hear about your experience with wool/yarn?

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