12 Month Of Braiding : First Month

I got back home from school and I saw my sister on this very lovely grey colored braids, I asked her where she got grey attachments from and she was like “it is a mixture of black and white. I was astonished, I had been looking for grey attachment *Not White* since like forever, after much excitement about the cheat I had found about mixing attachment , My heart was willing but my pocket was like “Aunty please take several seat” so I had it in mind to do it whenever I had money. Hustle kon carry me go benin *na pidgin we dey speak for here o* lol, I had a little money and I decided to finally braid my hair. There is this hair dresser I always see on my way to work and back, I always shuffle my feet and slow down when I pass by her so I can see her work, It was kind of neat and I decided to approach her one day. I wanted Jumbo Senegalese twist(normal twisting),40 in number, Box braid (sugar cube) and the attachment Unpicked (so it will be fat from the beginning till the end).  Let me just stop talking and show you the result.

I was going for this look

 Let me explain *In kevin hart's voice*
      We made this hair a night before we were actually suppose to make it,remember it was suppose to be fat from the beginning till the end,it was when she was mixing the attachment, the down now started becoming pointed/feathered/picked. So my advice is to use one colour if you are really particular about the hair being thick all through.if not,the process of mixing colors will pick the hair out.
       Secondly I don’t know if it was because she was rushing ,the colors did not mix completely, giving it this Dalmatian dog kind of color *just saying* .My uncle’s cook called me a skunk when he first saw my hair. To cut the long story short, it was nothing like what I was expecting. It wasn’t boxed, Jumbo *to me* nor grey. But when it comes to my hair I have this turn lemons into lemonade philosophy. So, I will rock it anyways.

Attachment:  2 black, 1white 2000 naira (I think the demand for attachment is making the price go up or I was cheated)
Hairdresser location: Sapele road,benin city
Money paid: Started from 2000(I beat the price down to 1500)
Total money paid: 3500 naira.

Will I be recommending her services,urrm I believe in second chance and I hope the next time I need her to make my hair,the conditions will be favourable.

What do you think about my braids?

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  1. Everyone gotta know that with braids you can never go wrong, I mean!!!
    I have done so many colours and still willing to try a lot more. People think its weird playing with colours considering my skin colour but it has never been a bother!!!��
    Go braids!!!!!

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment, have a nice day Miss bibiire

  3. "aunty please take several seats"..lol...you speak the truth girl. Braids are epic...*literally*, wake up and throw it around and you done, downside is the hours it takes on the bum. Hope you are still rocking your dalmatian hair ;) *looks nice by the way*

    1. Thanks for stopping by zee, yes O, you wake up and just oil it and you are good to go!!

    2. Thanks for stopping by zee, yes O, you wake up and just oil it and you are good to go!!

  4. Please oooo where are the comments I left here before?????������